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The creative part of my work means trying different themes, text and images. VersionRocket is great for freeing me to experiment, knowing I can safely go back, and still keep different versions of my Word and PowerPoint documents. VersionRocket is equally useful when I need to work on legal documents that require preserving different versions or collaboration between users. The very best part: it’s super easy to use!

Marty von Neudegg B.A., LL.B.Executive DirectorMicato Safaris

What a concept – I’ve never considered having a way to track changes like that because, yes, I’ve got a gazillion different versions of word documents in my folders going back many years now. Do I know what’s in them? No. Do I know what’s different about them? No. Congratulations – the program looks and works great!

Ben PerrierTeacher, Writer & Musician

Keep track of every version of your important documents, presentations or spreadsheets, right inside Word, PowerPoint and Excel.


Never lose a file or a change again

VersionRocket saves the important versions of your Office documents, when you decide it’s time to save them, and it keeps track of all your changes along the way. You build a complete revision history of your work so that previous versions and edits are never lost. If you need to revert to an earlier version it can be done in a snap.

Never lose a file or a change again

Easily compare different versions at a glance

See side-by-side comparisons with any past version of your document with the differences highlighted for Word and PowerPoint. At a glance you’ll know what was changed and why.


Automate document merging for Word and PowerPoint

Merge the content of two documents easily. VersonRocket lets you pick any version of a Word or PowerPoint document and combine its content with the latest one. When you’re done merging the new document becomes the latest current version. It’s that simple.


Magically version email attachments like agreement_ALICE_Jan15.docx

Listen, we love DropBox, Box, Google Docs and all the rest, but sometimes sending a document by email is faster and easier. Here’s how VersionRocket rocks it:

  • You send Alice agreement.docx
  • She returns it as agreement_ALICE_Jan15.docx

When you open agreement_ALICE_Jan15.docx VersionRocket knows it’s a modified version of your file, and gives you the option to save it as a new version of agreement.docx. VersionRocket gives you the name of the file, the person who sent it, and when they last saved it. (We don’t use actual magic to do this, but we think you’ll love it anyway.) Use Version Rocket to compare Alice’s version to your latest, and merge to create a new ‘best of’ version.


Clean up your inbox

Every previous version of a file is always at your fingertips so you no longer need to use your email inbox as a document store. Don’t waste your valuable time searching for Presentation_MIKE_Final(3).pptx when someone asks you for the latest version


Visualize the history of every document

VersionRocket stores a copy of each revision of a document and combines them with your notes & comments into an easy to read thread, directly inside the document you’re working on. Important versions can be labeled and highlighted so you can easily find them.


Fast, simple and intuitive, in any language

Building a revision history for a document has never been easier. VersionRocket is seamlessly integrated with Office and available in English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese, with more languages on the way.


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